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Irakin sodan inspiroimia julisteita

Irakin sodan inspiroimia julisteita

This project was started in early March on a public design forum, in the midst of spirited debate over the impending war in Iraq. One member of the design forum suggested that the other members offset their war anxieties by focusing their energies in a more positive way. He encouraged everyone to create posters that expressed their views of the war.

We seek contributions from all sides of the war debate, and from designers at all levels of ability, from students to well-known industry veterans. We not only encourage seasoned political activists, but we also strongly desire submissions from people with blossoming political views.

With this web site, the project has now become a living exhibition, with new posters being added on an on-going basis. None of these posters are for sale, though some are available for immediate download. But all are intended to stimulate discussion about the war, both inside the online design community and beyond.

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