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From:Monday, July 2, 2007 7:44 PM +0300
Subject:Ensimmäiset kommentit Applen iPhone-puhelimesta 
Apple päästi saataville paljon kohutun iPhone-puhelimensa eilen Yhdysvalloissa. Euroopassahan ne tulevat saataville vasta puolen vuoden kuluttua. Tässä minnesotalaisen FirstClass-tutun kommentteja:

First impressions:
- smaller than I thought based on my memory from seeing it in January at MacExpo and Apple website promo videos
- touch interface very responsive
- easy to type on virtual keyboard (I have been using a Treo for years, and I think after one day I can already type as fast on the virtual keyboard
- video is gorgeous
- web browsing is best mobile I have seen (providing connection speed is adequate)

I am a bit worried about keeping the screen clean and scratch free (although I have nothing to base that on)

I wish that it would mount as a hard drive on the Mac like the iPods do and I could just save some documents on it for reference material

And I wish it had a card slot for more storage space

I wish the "Notes" application had a Mac application for the front end (which I assume will be the new Notes feature in Leopard's Mail, which will do no good to FirstClass users)

Can't use your music as ringtones (hopefully coming in an upgrade after Apple works out new licensing rights)

And of course the big one- only available on ATT network (which is not the best, and not available everywhere)

Biggest issue:
Trying to figure out how to sync my FirstClass content.