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10 reasons...

10 reasons why Mac sucks

1. You can't use 5 1/4 disks
2. You cant go shopping with your freinds for a
   sound blaster board because Macs don't need one.
3. Your 200mhz 604e Mac does interger calculation
   equivalent to a 362mhz pentium pro, but you can
   only brag about 200mhz
4. Networking on a Mac is not impresive
5. Macs don't come in black, and we all know
   computers in black are faster and louder.
6. You have to add a system extension to make Macs
   menus stay down like windows.
7. The mac mouse is to slow, we want our cursor to
   fly wildly off the screen when we twich our wrist
   becuase hyper cursor make our PC's look faster.
8. You just plug Macs in and they work, what is the
    challenge in that?
9. When you add stuff, you just plug them in and
   they work, too. Again, no challenge.
10.Your clients and teachers know about rules 2,and
   3, and 4 so they expect users to deliver results.

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