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Good shot

Joe went to a gun shop to buy a rifle and a rifle scope. The shopkeeper proudly presented the 'latest, best functioning and definately the sharpest combination there is'. It was a Winchester hunting rifle completed with a Zeiss rifle scope - and you could tell the keeper was proud of it.

Joe took the gun, weighed it at his hand and started to take aim. Seeing this, the shopkeeper urged Joe to 'Just take aim at my house on the top of that hill. It's almost 450 yards and you can clearly read our nameplate in the door'.

Joe was happy to try it out, but almost immediately sighed 'Oh-o'. The shopkeeper was scared that he lost a sale and asked what was the matter.

Joe replied, 'I can read the nameplate, allright. I also see a naked woman and a naked man chasing each other in the living room'. The shopkeeper went ballistic, handed Joe two shells and said 'You'll get the rifle and the scope for free if you can shoot my wife's head and her lover's dick off with these bullets.'

Joe took them, looked through the scope and said 'Keep the other one, I'll need just one shot for this one.'

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